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CAMCC revised Membership Policy

Dear All,

Cheshire Asian and Minority Communities Council (CAMCC)  has made some amendments to its Membership Policy recently. Attached is the revised version of Membership Policy.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Dear all,

Many of you must be belonging to Hindu religion. This article is about the Hindu Wedding process and my purpose of publishing it to familiarise you with it.

Hindu wedding is very religious ceremony. In Hindu religion,  generally arranged marriage is preferred to happen in which parents look for a prospective match for their son/daughter from their own community.  Elders and parents in the family seek the prospective match through the word of mouth within the community. Parents match the horoscope (astrological chart at the time of birth) of the girl and boy with the help of priest before taking the ceremony ahead. Therefore, it is not only bond of two people but bond of two families.

The attachement contains all phases of Hindu Wedding, please have a look.

Poonam Sharma

Recipes from Diversity Festival

Here are a selection of recipes from CAMCC Vice-Chair Basma Ellahi, which should be familiar to anyone who attended the recent Diversity Festival Anyone Else For Chai?” session.

Forced Marriage Resources

Here are copies of information leaflets and posters regarding forced marriage, mirrored from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website:

General information:


Multi-agency practice and statutory guidance:

Please note that we are only hosting these files as resources for members of our community, we are not affiliated with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

British Citizenship Application Form

This is a copy of the form which the Home Office requires you to complete in order to apply for British Citizenship. For details regarding eligibility and to get help in completing the form, please visit the UK Border Agency website.

Please note that we are only hosting this file as a resource for members of our community, we are not affiliated with the UK Border Agency.